Cashew kernel


Cashew kernels contain a wide variety of nutrients that are critical for our health benefits: unsaturated fats, fiber, vitamins (high in Vitamin K), minerals (iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium) and more and more is widely consumed throughout the world. The main cashew nut producing countries in the world are Vietnam, Nigeria, India, Brazil, and Ivory Coast (FAO, statistics division.2017)

AP Engineering, along with our partners, are pleased to be associated with the cashew nut processing industry in Vietnam to enhance product value and meet strict food safety standards of demanding markets.



The most important and prominent insect pests in stored cashew nut are Flour Beetle (Tribolium sp.), Sawtoothed Grain Beetle (Oryzaephilus sp.), Flat Grain Beetle (Cryptolestes sp.). The Insect pests can cause substantial damage to stored cashew nut, make kernel damage and may leave webbing or an unwanted odor, dry matter losses, quality issues in the cashew nut leads to price reduction and credence of the cashew nut by the customer.


Our  solution: Oxy-Low® Organic fumigation System
100% safe, 100% no chemical, 100% effective

We have been actively advising to replace the use of chemicals for insect control with organic fumigation method while developing and providing technical solutions and systems which optimize investment to meet the needs of cashew nut processing industry in Vietnam.

Oxy-Low® organic fumigation system by AP Engineering based on the Oxy-Low® technique is to control low Oxygen concentration in a chamber in combine with control temperture and as option of humidity control; which is a complete organic process and have been used worldwide as an alternative for chemical fumigation (phosphine). Oxy-Low® fumigation is non-toxic, human and environment safe and friendly, no residue and minimizes survial of beetles in products after fumigation.

Oxy-Low® organic fumigation can kill 99.99% of beetles in different development stages: adults, pupae and eggs; effectively prevent re-infestation after fumigation.  

Please contact the location that have installed the systems in Binh Phuoc, Long An, Tay Ninh, ect. to better understand the system and benefits it brings.



 No chemical

Safe for people and products

Non toxic

Shorten treatment time

Meet strict food safety standards

Economy and labour savings

Enhance product value

Optimize available space


More than 20 years lifetime

European Standards

Unlimited room size

The Oxy-Low® fumigation process is computer-controlled and monitored with many years data history backup for tracing. Optional for control via internet and server backup (by our experts)

Large bulks of cashew nut can be treated at the same time, so it is one of the most convenient and efficient ways to treat infested cashew nut.

With a team of experienced technicians in Vietnam, we are confident to provide customer prompt support in the shortest time if there is any technical problem happening.