Foods, Tobacco & Other Products
Insects infesting stored products are one of the most common problems in commodities protection, nearly all dried products are can be infested by insects. That’s why when transporting or storing your commodities, preventing insect-related risks is essential, especially by safe, environmentally frienfly methods to ensure safe and quality food for consumers.
Oxy-Low® Organic Fumigation & Storage System by AP Engineering
AP Engineering specializes in organic fumigation and storage systems for post-harvest argiculture commodities. Our product is a combination of agritech from Netherlands, engineering from Italy and local bussiness understandings which helps to optimize investment and operation cost for our customer’s valuable benefits and is 100% non-toxic, no chemical, safe, environmentally frienfly and suitable both conventional and organic food.
Treatment Process
To start a treatment for commodites, here is the process works:
Step 1:  Our specialist will determine the kind of insects in your commidities
Step 2:  AP Engineering will discuss temperature (and humidity) with you and then give you suitable parameter for each comodities.
Step 3: Depend on the kind of insects and product temperature are determined, our specialist will give suitable parameter of the treatment. Normally, a treatment will last from 3 to 10 days. Your goods will be placed in gastight rooms/ containers/silos to start treating. The process will be closely monitored, controlled and stopped from remote (by our experts). After the treatments, your goods are 100% free infestation from adults, pupa, larva and eggs.
Insects spend the majority of their time hidden in their chosen food type, so inspection and early detection can be diffcult. To protect your product from infestation, AP Engineering encourage you to fumigate them before storing or transporting.
To prevent reinfestation of insects after the treatment, please keep treated products from dirty products and you can use the Oxy-Low® modified atmosphere packaging. This packaging solution aslo help to extend the shelf life of various products and maintain the optimal product quality.