Oxy-Low® organic fumigation system by AP Engineering is based on the CA - Control Atmosphere technique using Nitrogen to control low Oxygen concentration in a gastight chamber in combine with control temperature and as optional of humidity control; which is a complete organic process and have been used worldwide as an alternative for chemical fumigation (phosphine). Oxy-Low® fumigation is non-toxic, human and environment safe and friendly, no residue and minimizes survial of beetles in products after fumigation.

Oxy-Low® organic fumigation system supplied by AP Engineering:

Process diagram

                                Process diagram

Oxy-Low® organic fumigation can kill 99.99% of beetles in different development stages: adults, pupa and eggs; effectively prevent re-infestation after fumigation.

Oxy-Low® Fumigation is non-toxic, human and environment safe and friendly, no residue remain on the stored product, ensures no change in the quality, taste and colour of the treated products.

The treatment in Oxy-Low® Organic Fumigation system can be applied to various products, dry food and non-food products from cashew, rice, coffee, tobacco, nuts,... meets the strictest regulations for fumigation, including those that apply for organic food supply.

Oxy-Low® organic fumigation helps user to be independent from third parties or chemical supply  in controlling insects in comercial commodities.

Oxy-Low® organic fumigation system supplied by AP Engineering using most of components from Europe is highly reliable for a long-term investment.

With the Oxy-Low® Energy Recovery option in combine with heatpump heating system (optional) which is also compatible with solar heating energy, it will help to minimize the electrical power infrastructure prepare and operating cost; helps to shorten investment break-even point.



                                                                                                            Oxy-Low CA Generator M7-HP                                         


                                                                                                               Oxy-Low ® Fumigation System




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