Oxy-Low® Room can contain large bulks of goods at the same time, it is one of the most convenient and efficient gastight spaces for fumigation;
Oxy-Low® Room normally constructed by Oxy-Low System from insulated panels with highly gastight technique. However in some cases the Oxy-Low® Room can be converted from a traditional chemical fumigation chamber by Oxy-Low experienced technicians to make it suitable for CA Fumigation;
Oxy-Low® Room is unlimited size, AP Engineering team gives you the best options to select the room size with your needs;
Products can be treat in many types of packaging: crates, PP bags (without PE inside), jute bags, sisal bags or carton boxes;
Oxy-Low® organic fumigation system is according to European standard, suitable for characteristic of the local product to optimize investment and operation cost;
Spare parts are always available, minimize the affection to production process;
Oxy-Low® organic fumigation system is designed to operate fully atomatic process, and can be monitored, controlled and supported remotely;
With a team of experienced tecninicians in Vietnam, we are confident to provide customer prompt support in the shortest time if there is any techinical problem happening;
In Viet Nam, AP Engineering have devevoped Oxy-Low® Organic Fumigation system specially for cashew kernels processing industry and our aim is supplying non-chemical pest control process  in the  food safety and hygienis cashew kernel processing for “Cleaner Production Program” of Vietnam Cashew Industry.

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