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ISPM15 - International Phytosanitary Standard for Wood Packaging

AP Engineering is a young and dynamic company founded by experienced experts in fumigation through non-toxic and environment friendly method, we are pleased to provide Heat treatment service to companies that require ISPM15 certification and stamping of wood packaging used in export shipments.

Besides organic fumigation for your product, it is an important that packing material made out of wood, like pallets, dunnage, crates and wooden boxes which is used to deliver your goods to export also need to be treated by non-chemical process.

The international heat treatment ISPM 15 standard is the best solution for your fresh product, and is widely used around the world to treat wooden packing material as an alternative way for Methyl bromide. This toxic chemical can damage lungs, burn skin, irritate eyes, harm kidneys and cause negative neurological affects health issues in humans and damages the Earth’s ozone layer.

By contrast, heat treatment is no negative heath, environmental impacts and reduce costs. This technique is applied the core of the wood will be heated to a minimum temperature of 56 degrees Celsius and will stay at this temperature for at least 30 minitues. A Heat Treatment will eliminate all insects in all life stages in the product and guarantees an insect-free result.

This ensures all pathogens and pests are eliminated without the health risks of chemical fumigation.

AP Engineering have containers and rooms for treating wood in accordance with ISPM 15, is accredited and permitted to perform Heat Treatments ISPM 15 marking the wood and with IPPC agreeements.


Export your products 

Countries which have signed up to  ISPM 15 are entitled to refuse entry at their customs to goods on wooden pallets, crates, spools or any other wood packaging unless they have been treated, marked and certified in accordance with their regulations. AP Engineering guarantees the customers that our products meet the demand of ISPM 15 sterilization standards.

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